A perfectly branded, animated and continually updated website for John Deere Dealers.

Why join MyDWS ?

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Compatible with Mobile Devices

The MyDWS is fully compatible with desktop, mobile phone and tablet devices. Your website is able to viewed by everyone, everwhere, anytime!

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Local Search Engine Optimisation

For efficient local SEO, we have optimised your MyDWS website to capture potentiel local customers when searching on the web for [Brand name - region] & for [Products name - region].
Modern technologies used to develop your website, well optimised content structure, regularly updated content, and implementation of Keywords and Meta description plugins for your pages will allow you to realize the full potential of local SEO for your business.

Social Media

Social Media integration

Social Media has become important for all business, this is why we enable you to integrate social media outlets, such as Facebook and YouTube, directly in your website. Create a seamless navigation between your social media pages and your website, giving your customer the chance to follow you where they like.

Site Manager

Personalise your website and drive your customers to your dealership

With powerful promotional and campaign tools now at your disposal, you can choose to integrate promotion campaigns designed by John Deere directly into your website, or easily create your own dealership campaigns to promote events, business promotions or any 'call to actions' that need to grab the attention of you users.

Consider your website as your silent sales person, and put your campaigns online to diffuse your business communications and better inform your customers about what's going on with your dealership.

Along with the campaigns, inform your customers about news, events, sales & jobs directly on your website.

The MyDWS enables you to connect with your customers, and stay connected.

Corporate Content

Bring your showroom online and display your whole product range (multi-brand)

Never worry about updating John Deere product information again!

Depending on the types of John Deere products you sell, all relevant John Deere product information and campaigns are automatically imported into your MyDWS. When the John Deere corporate website is updated, your MyDWS website will be systematically updated!

We know that you are working in a multi-brand business, so you have the ability to create and display full product pages for your other brands products. These can also be displayed on your homepage to display to your customers your full range of brands.


Get in touch with your customers and generate commercial leads

We have carried out thorough research on how to give you and your customers the best possible experience.

From connecting your customers to one of your closest dealerships, one-click machine searches, optimised sales contacts displayed on all product pages, call back feature and newsletter sign ups - your website is the best way to generate leads and support your sales staff.

Used Equipment

Sell your used equipment faster

MyDWS is completely flexible - independently which Used Equipment solution you connected with, you can integrate your catalogues on on your MyDWS website.

Or create your own used equipment catalogue with details product descriptions, specifications and prices.

The MyDWS is your online tool for your offline sales!

Quick Installation

Quick and easy installation of your new website

You provide your logo, text content and images of your dealership and we will set-up your website for you. Once online, the MyDWS CMS Site Manager allows you to easily manage your information. No computer expertise or programming skills are required.

If you have your own domain name, bring it with you! We can configure your existing URL so that you don't loose any traffic.

customisable website

Fully customisable website

The MyDWS Site Manager gives you full control of your website content and allows you to structure and publish your information freely (news, promotional campaigns, dealership information, pictures and additional pages if needed).

A large amount of customisation options are available including 5 design templates, choice of background, homepage layout, and a selection of specific features and functionalities.

Visit the Design & Features section for more information.


Sell your goods the easy way

You can create your own promotional catalogues where you promote items for sale and have your customers place orders.

Get your dealer website today from £35 per month!

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