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Bundle Options


Basic Subscription


  • Statistic tool
  • Responsive design
  • Lead generator data base
  • Photo gallery
  • Videos
  • Data downloads
  • Banner tool
  • Real time content preview
  • Customised domain
  • Email CMS help
  • Contact forms
  • Google Maps
  • 1 Administrator
  • Server hosting and admin
  • Standardised Newsletter Tool
    (500 emails/month included)

Banner Design and Marketing Service

  • 30 minutes of initial training on the tool 
  • Creation and publication of 4 banners/year on your website (you deliver textual elements and information, and we will create your banner visuals and publish them on your site)
  • 1 annual audit and report to help you measure the success of your created banners on your website and provide you with recommendations

Marketing Analytics Bundles:

Add one of the analytics features in order to optimise your website. Learn all about SEO tools, Google Analytics and other metrics and obtain detailed reportings.


Website Analysis & Marketing

  • Analysis of various aspects of the website using SEO tools through the year
  • Google Analytics and SEO set up (including Google Search console and Google My Business)
  • Report & advice 3 times a year

Analytics Webinar

  • Presentation of 45 min. explaining functions of the account, dashboard and reportings as well as further specific metrics
  • 15 min. Q&A

Premium Analytics Offer

  • Detailed analysis and report with metrics, insights and recommendations over the last quarter (3 months)
  • 3 hours one-to-one analytics consulting (one-shot) in English over phone and email exchanges

Content Optimisation Bundles:

Improve your written content, graphics and design of your website!


Graphics Analysis & Assistance

  • Analysis of the graphics and images on your website
  • Advice and assistance to improve your website
  • 2 summaries/year

Content Analysis & Assistance

  • Analysis of the content and images of your website
  • Advice and assistance to improve your website
  • 2 summaries/year

Design Package

  • Personalised background
  • 1 x Banner design (customised Hero Banner designed just for you; all information needed for the banner must be provided by you)

Newsletter Bundles:

Increase the reach and the customisation of your newsletters by adding more features.


Pro Newsletter Tool

  • 3 Templates, list upload and creation of new newsletter elements
  • Send 1500 additional emails (on top of the 500 emails from the basic subscription)

High Volume Newsletter Tool

  • Pro Newsletter Tool (3 templates, list uploads, creation of new newsletter elements)
  • Send additional 5000 Emails (on top of the 500 Emails from the basis subscription)     

Administrative Bundles:

Add languages, users or further support.


International Set Up

  • 1 additional language

Additional User

  • 1 additional user

Premium Support

  • 1 Training via WebEx (30 minutes)
  • Privileged support with proactive contact

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